The Lux Saga

Hi all, it’s me again!
So last night I finished book 6 out of 7 in the Lux Saga by Jennifer L Armentrout, I first started reading her novels last year but you’ll find out about those in a future post.
So the Lux saga contains 7 books
1 – Obsidian
2 – Onyx
3 – Opal
4 – Origin
5 – Opposition
6 – Oblivion (This is books 1,2 and 3 from Daemons’ POV, some conversations can be repetitive to read if you’ve just read books 1-5 so I suggest you leave a few days or a week or two before you read it.)
7 – Shadows (Dawsons’ story – and the only one I need to get my hands on and read!)

Obsidian is about Katy, a book lover/blogger that moves into a small town, there’s a hot guy next door her age as well as his twin sister, but boy does he seem to hate her and Katy has no idea why, until one night she finds out.

Packed full of suspense, love, aliens! (hot aliens that is!) this paranormal fantasy will leave you wanting more. To be honest I had the next book in the saga lined up ready and waiting before I’d even finished the previous one.
Books 1-5 follow Katy (I don’t want to give away too much so you’ll need to go read them yourselves! But I will say if you choose to read them you will not be disappointed)
Well worth a read, find below the links to book one of the series.
Also how awesome are the covers?!



What are you all reading this weekend?
I’ve almost finished Fort Rewind by Sarah K L Wilson and then I’m onto an ARC which you’ll all hear about soon!

Happy reading
Sarah – Devoured By A Bookworm



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