Have you been Marked By Fate?

Hi all,
So I’m currently reading book 5 of the Elementals series by Michelle Madow which will feature in my next post.
But while I’m reading that I thought I’d show you all this awesome colouring book that I got my hands on the other day.
I’m sure you’ve all heard about #markedbyfate by now, you you haven’t look of facebook/twitter and instagram to find out more!
While waiting for the box set to be released the authors have made and released a colouring book! (pre-order the boxset on ibooks and get the digital copy of the book and bookmarks as a free gift!)
The colouring book also tells you which 25 books are in the set! I’ve already read 2 of them which are fab so I know the rest of the boxset will be amazing!

you can order a copy of the colouring book here:



Have a fab time reading and enjoy if you grab a copy of the colouring book!
Devoured By A Bookworm


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