Crystal Frost series

Hi all,
I apologise for the lack in posts lately but I will be making up for it!

So I recently read a brilliant series by Alicia Rades. This is the “Crystal Frost” series.
The series is well written and consists of
book 1 – Fire in Frost
book 2 –  Desire in Frost
book 3 – Inspired by Frost
book 4 – Fading Frost

I really enjoyed this series, it’ll appeal to fans of the “Ghost Whisperer” tv series as well as fans of Meg Cabot’s missing series (also known as the “1800-where-r-u” series) and also her Mediator series.

Each “frost” book is well thought out and will leave you wanting more!
The first book is available FREE on Kindle unlimited or you can buy the set for just 99p! ($1.26)
Below you’ll find the link for the set.



Have a fab time reading!
Next post will be about the ARC I’m currently reading!

Devoured By A Bookworm



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