Queen of Extinction

Hi all!

So I was really lucky and was sent an ARC for Queen of Extinction by Gwynn White and Erin St Pierre, I finished this last night and WOW it was brilliant!


Queen of Extinction is a dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty, forget everything Disney taught you about this fairy tale and fall in love with it through fresh eyes!
The story is told through the viewpoints of three people, Princess Aurora (our main character) , Raith and Jorah our secondary characters.
I fell in love with the story straight away, the characters endeared themselves to me (I want my own Jorah!) It’s full of magic, Betrayal and murder! A brilliant read, and must go onto your summer reading list!
I was delighted to discover that book two Queen of Destruction is already available and I’ve already started to munch my way though it! So expect a post on that soon!

I really recommend this to any fantasy/fairy tale lovers. You won’t be disappointed!

As usual feel free to contact me with any questions on the books I’ve read or suggestions for books you think I should read/review!

Have a fab day and happy reading!


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