Erin Johnson – Cozy witch mystery

Hi all!

A series I was recently sucked into is the Cozy witch mysterys by Erin Johnson.
There are currently 5 books in the series with Erin in the process of writing the 6th book.


Reading order is as follows:
1-  Seashells, spells and caramels
2- Black arts, tarts and gypsy carts
3- Mermaid fins, winds and rolling pins
4- Cookie dough, snow and wands aglow
5 – full moons, dunes and macaroons

I really enjoyed this series.
In book one Imogen finds out she is a witch during a magical baking contest! She has to learn how to bake with magic while trying to work with her new cooking flame Iggy, who reminds me a lot of Calcifer from Howl’s moving castle (I love both the book and film so this made me very happy!).

In every book there is a murder which somehow Imogen ends up embroiled in and tries to solve.
They are easy to read, enjoyable and entertaining and Erin is such a good writer she leaves you wanting more at the end of each story.

Definetly recommend these, I managed to read all 5 in around 1 week around my shifts at work.

Have you read them? What did you think?
Happy reading


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