Marked By Fate – Origins


I’ve managed to be very lucky and get my hands on a copy of Marked By Fate Origins.
This is full of short stories about the characters that are in the books in the Marked By Fate box set that is available to pre-order on ibooks and Amazon now! The Marked By Fate Box set is due to be released on the 24th of October.

Pre-order yours here:

The Origins box set is due to be released on the 7th of July you can pre-order yours here:


Have you read Teeth of the Gods by Sarah K L Wilson, or Shift of Shadow and Soul by Hilary Thompson? well they are in the main box set and have short stories in the Origins box set, and I call tell you they are AMAZING!
There are so many brilliant books in these sets! Some I’ve read, some I haven’t but the ones I haven’t will be reviewed here for you all!

One of my favourites in the Origins box set is Prince of Hawks by Sarah K L Wilson.
I absolutely loved learning more about Rusk from the unweaving trilogy which is a amazing trilogy (yes I know that the 3rd book isn’t due to be released until the 13th of July but I just finished reading it and it blew my socks off! )

I’ll leave you all to rush off madly and pre-order all of those!
Ohh almost forgot there’s also a colouring book in the series and it’s awesome! here’s a pic from it, but be quick as when I checked Amazon UK earlier there were only 2 copies in stock!

Have a fab weekend!



The Liberty Box – C A Gray


So the other week I got given a copy of The Liberty Box by C A Gray to review. So here’s that review!


The Liberty Box follows Kate Brandeis and Jackson Macnamera as they learn about the world they are currently living in, a world that is not all it seems.
The Potante saved The USA and turned it into the Republic of the America’s but at what price does his tyranny come at?

For me, the prologue where you learn about the Potante and the history of his tyranny actually bored me a lot, I just couldn’t get into it, but I carried on reading and I must say I’m glad I did.
After a few chapters I really got into the book and wanted to learn more about Kate and Jackson and see how they coped and dealt with what they had discovered about their world.
I will be reading the others in the series as I want to know what happened, so please don’t let the prologue stop you from reading this great book!

Grab your copy here:



Have a fab weekend reading!



Queen of Extinction

Hi all!

So I was really lucky and was sent an ARC for Queen of Extinction by Gwynn White and Erin St Pierre, I finished this last night and WOW it was brilliant!


Queen of Extinction is a dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty, forget everything Disney taught you about this fairy tale and fall in love with it through fresh eyes!
The story is told through the viewpoints of three people, Princess Aurora (our main character) , Raith and Jorah our secondary characters.
I fell in love with the story straight away, the characters endeared themselves to me (I want my own Jorah!) It’s full of magic, Betrayal and murder! A brilliant read, and must go onto your summer reading list!
I was delighted to discover that book two Queen of Destruction is already available and I’ve already started to munch my way though it! So expect a post on that soon!

I really recommend this to any fantasy/fairy tale lovers. You won’t be disappointed!

As usual feel free to contact me with any questions on the books I’ve read or suggestions for books you think I should read/review!

Have a fab day and happy reading!

Crystal Frost series

Hi all,
I apologise for the lack in posts lately but I will be making up for it!

So I recently read a brilliant series by Alicia Rades. This is the “Crystal Frost” series.
The series is well written and consists of
book 1 – Fire in Frost
book 2 – ┬áDesire in Frost
book 3 – Inspired by Frost
book 4 – Fading Frost

I really enjoyed this series, it’ll appeal to fans of the “Ghost Whisperer” tv series as well as fans of Meg Cabot’s missing series (also known as the “1800-where-r-u” series) and also her Mediator series.

Each “frost” book is well thought out and will leave you wanting more!
The first book is available FREE on Kindle unlimited or you can buy the set for just 99p! ($1.26)
Below you’ll find the link for the set.



Have a fab time reading!
Next post will be about the ARC I’m currently reading!

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