Erin Johnson – Cozy witch mystery

Hi all!

A series I was recently sucked into is the Cozy witch mysterys by Erin Johnson.
There are currently 5 books in the series with Erin in the process of writing the 6th book.


Reading order is as follows:
1-  Seashells, spells and caramels
2- Black arts, tarts and gypsy carts
3- Mermaid fins, winds and rolling pins
4- Cookie dough, snow and wands aglow
5 – full moons, dunes and macaroons

I really enjoyed this series.
In book one Imogen finds out she is a witch during a magical baking contest! She has to learn how to bake with magic while trying to work with her new cooking flame Iggy, who reminds me a lot of Calcifer from Howl’s moving castle (I love both the book and film so this made me very happy!).

In every book there is a murder which somehow Imogen ends up embroiled in and tries to solve.
They are easy to read, enjoyable and entertaining and Erin is such a good writer she leaves you wanting more at the end of each story.

Definetly recommend these, I managed to read all 5 in around 1 week around my shifts at work.

Have you read them? What did you think?
Happy reading


The Crush Saga – Chrissy Peebles


So a week or so ago I started this saga, in total there are 9 books, I’ve currently read up to book 3 (Chosen) and to be honest I’m not sure if I should continue.

I love the plot of the books – vampires, werewolves, witches, a curse! But and there is a big but… It is written quite childlike. All the kisses in it are “hot” and there’s just no variation on it. I do want to see where it goes and how the series will end but I’m not sure if I can read 6 more books of “hot” kisses.
In all honesty as much as I like the series I think it could be better written if done by a different author.


You can get book 1 – Crush on Amazon so if you fancy reading it give it a go!
Here are the links:



You may see another post from me about the remaining books, you may not. I’ve not made my mind up yet and my to be read pile is growing!

For this series so far I’d give the plot 5 stars but the writing 2-3 stars. But don’t write it off, you may love it!

Happy reading!